Introducing Version 4.0

2018-08-29 | Sanne Villemoes

The new introDus platform is here!

We have worked day and night and now it’s finally live! We’re very proud to present the smoothest, most intuitive, and smartest Pre & Onboarding platform you have ever tried! The new version 4.0 is another great step towards out goal to becoming the best Pre & Onboarding platform available.

With powerful new features, it has never been easier, faster or more beautiful to create a personalised Pre & Onboarding process. The new version now contains:

  • Enterprise login & User provisioning: Now supporting SAML & SCIM, to solve pre, on & offboarding for big enterprise customers.

  • Complete white labelling of the platform: We now support custom link, ex., custom login page and more.

  • Thorough redeign of the user interface: We have reinvented our interface to deliver a even better learning experience.

We hope that you are going to like it as much as we do! If you are a part of the introDus family, the platform has already been updated and ready for you to explore.

Still not a user? Then sign up and try the best Pre & Onboarding platform for free right here:

introDus, it’s easy!