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Lower the integration costs of your new employees and improve time to performance

Retaining talent is one of the biggest challenges facing HR today. With a strong and tailored Pre & Onboarding program, you not only minimise time to performance, but 91% of your new hires will surpass the one-year turnover and continue to develop and enhance their skills within your organisation. At introDus, we’ve made it our mission to make you successful with your Pre & Onboarding, by creating a cloud-based mobile platform easy to use and ideal for e-learning. We give you the only tool you’ll ever need for Pre & Onboarding.

Reach your employees where they are

If you want your employees to benefit from your content, you must make it easily accessible. Engage your employees with inspiring content via SMS and E-mail, so they always have relevant information and updates close at hand. When you're finished creating your content on our intuitive platform, you can choose to either send it to individuals or larger groups with just one click in a language you prefer.

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Why choose us?

We have experienced the value of Pre & Onboarding, but even more importantly, the unfavourable consequences when it is not done well, or at all. Our stories turned into our passion and we have made it our mission to create successful Pre & Onboarding solutions for employees and employers. Increasing your chances of retaining new talent by providing a platform easy to use both for developing and absorbing content, we give you the tool to become a Pre & Onboarding champion.

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Together we create
employee engagement

Book online presentation
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Compose your own content

Compose your own content with our highly intuitive interface. It’s very simple and ten times faster than making a slideshow presentation. You can create content with all the information you wish new and existing employees to know, and the only limitation is your own imagination. You can choose to send out content via both text message and e-mail. Whatever you deem fit. If you need a hand, introDus will help you throughout the entire process – from set-up to distribution.


The platform interface is simple and intuitive, making it easy to create and customize content and design individual timelines for each employee. You can either drag'n'drop from the desktop or folders on your computer or upload via the normal integration from your desktop or mobile. The platform supports all normal file types, whether audio, video, images or text. It has a text editor, so that you can type directly in your timeline and alter content continuously.


The introDus timelines can be assigned to one employee, a team or your entire organisation. It does not matter if you are 25 or 450,000 employees. Each timeline can be assigned to specific groups of employees filtered by numerous characteristics such as department, region, country or whatever fits with your organisational structure.


Want to test how well your employee did when completing a module on the timeline? Send her a short multiple-choice quiz about the most important aspects of the content she just completed. You can even put in a gatekeeper, which only allows your employee to continue the Pre & Onboarding program if a predefined percentage of the answers are correct.


Why not dive into the numbers? Learn much more about the Pre & Onboarding progress in your department and organisation in the analytics section. See statistics such as the open rate, completion percentage and distribution statistics - and much more. The analytics section makes it easy for you to track progress of each individual employee, make adjustments when needed and evaluate the overall success of your Pre & Onboarding efforts.

What our customers say

introDus is a very user friendly and pragmatic system. My staff were able to build content and modules almost instantaneously. We see potential use beyond Pre & Onboarding, including staff training and employee engagement. Business unit managers can use the platform to develop tailored training programs and tutorials and we can use the platform to effectively seek and react to feedback from employees. I am very confident introDus will be highly valuable to Goldbell

Goldbell – General Manager, Human Resources – Tan Su Ching View all here

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