Where onboarding has become a pretty standard word in the HR dictionary, preboarding is relatively new and still maintain its innocence in the world of HR buzzwords.


What is preboarding

Preboarding refers to the period before the new employee’s first day at work, hence, before the onboarding period begins (LINK). More specifically, Preboarding begins the moment the new hire signs the employment contract and ends the day the employee has his/her first day at work. Preboarding is not just a handshake and a “welcome” to the company, it should focus on sharing e.g. the core values of your organisation while providing basic knowledge from which your new employee can leverage their success in their new role.


Why Preboarding?

As with onboarding, the benefits of a structured preboarding process are many. Likewise, we will share some highlighted benefits of a successful preboarding process: reduces the number of no-shows/quick quits, increase time to productivity/time to performance, quicker assimilation to the company culture, maintains the excitement as well as it increases the number of employee referrals.

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