No, people are people. Most places, though, we tend to attach a lot of data to people’s existence. But that is not the interesting part here. Every employee needs some sort of identification, data describing where to send the salary and means of communication at work or outside in case of emergencies.

What is more interesting is people analytics. Especially if you work in HR. What data can be used and how do you use it? That is the interesting part.

In a talk between Matt Burns, CHRO at Jysk Canada, and HR experts like Jill Katz, one of the most common issues in HR departments in our time is: We could use more resources.

Have you heard yourself say that in meetings or PDRs? “If only I had more resources, then I could do this, and that, and developing this and that.” But the resources never come, do they? And are the addition of more resources really the issues?

Questions only you can answer because you know your business better than outsiders e.g. like me. What you can do, though, is to look in the direction of technology. There is a bunch of tech tool out there already. You know Microsoft Excel, you most definitely have a payroll administrative IT system and someone near you is in charge of the HR postings on the Intranet.

Are we to automate humans now? Are the robots coming? First, no and God no! But technology gives you an edge. And what edge is that, you might want to know. Automating tasks and processes where an automation makes sense, gives you a very specific currency: Time. But if you are like most HR employees, then HR Tech might not be your prime competence. Luckily you might have people in your company that can help you. This could be the good guys in Marketing. They are building their own Tool Stacks, which is their term for tools that work frictionless together.

So team up with colleagues from IT and Marketing and find out which possibilities you have for automating processes. But why are automating processes important for you in HR? The simple answer is, that using technology where it makes sense, gives you more time to invest in humans.

Think about how much time you can save every day if all you have to do with your LMS is to upload a new file. Everything else is automated by technology.

Another important factor here is that using technology also gives you data. Data about who does what, when they do it and shoes you the results also. An excellent opportunity to analyse, improve and learn from – and to give to your CHRO each quarter before the management meeting.

Do not fear technology in your daily HR work but find out how you can utilise it so that you, your department and the organisation will benefit from it.