Press Release

2017-11-02 | Anders Thorup

introDus, who with its innovative Pre & Onboarding platform is helping companies integrating new employees

introDus, who with its innovative Pre & Onboarding platform is helping companies integrating new employees, closes their investment round and adds strong competencies to the team

The Company

introDus helps its customers to Pre & Onboard (integrate) new employees through a cloud based platform. Using the tool accelerates the “time-to-performance” curve by up to 85%, and retention rates increase by up to 79%. introDus, founded in December 2016, has nine employees as of today and customers in Denmark, Singapore and Japan. During the first year, the company has raised significant capital and has just completed an investor round that, in addition to working capital, also adds exciting competencies to the team.

Hiring “mistakes” are very costly

The idea behind introDus is rooted in the belief that many companies still find it difficult to effectively integrate new employees. After investing heavily in the recruiting process, companies are often unprepared for integration or slow to respond to employee needs. This results in hiring mistakes, early resignations and high costs associated with re-hiring. The process involves both managers and employees across the business, and thus a re-hiring process can cost more than DKK 500,000 as estimated by Randstad in a survey conducted in 2015. In Denmark alone, more than 800,000 people changed jobs in 2016 according to the Parliamentary Employment Committee, highlighting the need for solid Pre & Onboarding processes and tools.

The investment will be used to boost internationalization

Anders Thorup, CEO & Co-Founder says:

“By raising additional capital, we have the opportunity to open in even more countries and upgrade in our home market, Denmark. We are experiencing a massive increase in demand for integrating new employees in the right way! We have successfully employed a sales director in Singapore and are already seeing great traction. It is important for us to be present where our customers do businesses. Markets like Sweden, Norway, France, Germany and the UK are first on our list of where we want to be within the next 6-9 months”

Competencies are more important than capital

“The people who have chosen to invest in introDus come with far more than capital. They come with great enthusiasm and inspiration, and not least some important skills that can help sharpen and execute our strategy. The investment is made by two Angel investors. One is Cagdas Ozan Ates, former co-owner of Danske Commodities and owner of Ates Invest. The other is Henrik K. Ibsen, who is a former First Vice President of Danske Bank and has worked in Danske Bank, New York” says Anders Thorup.

Why did you choose to invest in introDus?

“I think that introDus is a revolutionary HR product that covers a major gap for companies today. The platform increases the chance of success in the integration of new employees, faster and more efficiently than any other tool on the market” says Cagdas Ozan Ates. “introDus creates employer branding from day one. I needed such a solution in my previous management positions. You spend a lot of energy finding the right candidate, but you often forget the new employees in the post-employment period. In the first three to six months, new employees often feel a bit alone and they may doubt their decision to be employed and feel unsafe in the company culture. At worst, you will lose a new employee during the first six months and have to start over again. This is a significant expense for the company. With its user-friendly solution, the introDus Pre & Onboarding process is structured and simplified.”

Cagdas Ozan Ates adds “I see a great growth potential on a global scale. In addition, there is an amazing team behind the introDus solution. As an investor, I have rarely seen a better foundation for a start-up.”

What will be your function?

“I have previously run high growth companies and I have experience in scaling a business. I have a large network that may be relevant to introDus especially when entering new markets. My role will primarily be as an investor and board member in introDus, but I will always be ready with advice and guidance in my areas of expertise” Ates explains.

Henrik K. Ibsen also looks forward to the future!

“I have with interest followed the emerging entrepreneurial environment in Denmark. When I was presented with introDus’ user-friendly Pre & Onboarding solution, I could immediately see that Anders Thorup and Simon Dragsbæk, who are in charge of the development of the introDus solution, have something innovative and durable” says Henrik K. Ibsen, who continues “With the successful introDus team and the HR-based solution, I am convinced that the platform will be of great help to small and large companies in their efforts to ensure better integration of employees. The intuitive interface will help companies produce happier and more satisfied employees through better integration into their new workplace while reducing costs significantly, as a good Pre & Onboarding will help minimize the frequent replacement of staff, such as surveys shows is the norm in many places”

Henrik K. Ibsen adds “In my management positions at home and abroad, I would have wanted a tool like introDus. In my opinion, it would have been of great value to all parties”

What will be your function?

“I have a background from the financial world, emphasizing good governance and solid administrative procedures and controls. I will participate in my role as an investor and board member in introDus, thus contributing to ensure a good foundation for introDus in the further global journey towards helping companies and their employees to a new, better and more user-friendly Pre & Onboarding experience” concludes an expectant Henrik K. Ibsen.

Customers have the same experience as investors

Thomas Skov, Executive Officer, Sales & Marketing, Weathernews Europe, says: “With the platform from introDus, we have received a more streamlined introduction course for our new employees in the sales department. I do not have to spend time collecting material every time a new employee starts, and at the same time I have an overview of what material has been reviewed by the employee. introDus is a very effective solution for a busy day”

At Goldbell in Singapore, General Manager of Human Resources, Tan Su Ching, is also very pleased with the platform: “IntroDus is a very user-friendly and pragmatic system. My staff was able to build content and modules almost instantly. We see potential beyond Pre & Onboarding, for example for staff training and employee engagement. Business unit managers can use the platform to develop tailor-made training programs and guides, and we can use the platform to effectively search and respond to employee feedback. I’m sure introDus will be very valuable to Goldbell in the future too”