Integration of your employees is essential for a good working environment and employee engagement. The more your employees feel well informed, listened to and appreciated the more they are likely to feel engaged. It is also essential that new employees feel welcomed and integrated (onboard). The better your Pre and Onboarding process/program is the greater chance your new employee will stay longer than one year. More and more companies see the economic importance of retaining their new employees for more than a year. Surveys show that the costs of losing a new employee within the first year can run up to 1,5 to 2 times their salary. These costs cover new recruitment, lower productivity among the existing employees as they have to take over the tasks of the employee who left. Onboarding is not only about welcoming a new employee. Much more is at stake.
  • The economic aspect: The costs connected to the recruitment process
  • The reduced efficiency that occurs among the existing employees caused by a lot of questions and training
  • Unattended onboarding results in an increased risk of losing the new employee within the first three months or year
  • The company’s image as a workplace (working environment and culture).
  • Repetitive recruitment of new employees to the same position within a short period sends a bad signal
  • The ability to maintain the employees gives a good reputation which will make it easier to recruit the right people for your company
  • A good reputation is an important part of the employer branding.
Preboarding is an important part of your Onboarding program why you should pay attention to this part. Why? Well, don’t you want to keep your new employee exited and show him or her that you are really looking forward to his or her startup?
  • Here are some of the advantages of focusing on your Preboarding program:
  • Before your new employee starts you can introduce him or her to the closest team colleagues in a video
  • You can introduce your new employee to the company history, culture and maybe the employee handbook before the start
  • Low-tech or practical questions can be answered. You can save up to 50 hours of questions that interrupt and reduces productivity amongst your existing employees
  • Show your new employee that you are looking forward to welcoming him or her
  • Show your new employee that you recognise that starting up in a new company with a lot of new information at the same time (information overload) is hard
All in all, it’s about dividing a lot of information into smaller “bites” and in an uplifting and fun way. The attention you show the new employee with little messages on the phone before he or she starts will without the doubt send a very positive and welcoming signal. And we almost guarantee it will plant an enthusiasm and excitement with that special one you have chosen. Often when a new employee is being recruited it’s because another one has left for one or another reason. introDus recommend that you don’t underestimate the value of sending off the leaving employee with a good memory of you as a company. The advantages of a good Offboarding program are:
  • You keep your doors open in case the employee would like to come back (remember that he or she has a lot of good business knowledge of your company)
  • The leaving employee is more likely to talk good about your company and products which can lead to new customers
  • The benefit of a good mention from former employees is that you as a company are building a strong employer branding
  • Good employer branding attracts new employee candidates
  • In case of project employment, it will be easier for you to attract former attendants