At introDus, we have a simple mission we want to help new employees and employer to success with their relation.

We know that if you spend time on a formal Pre & Onboarding programme, the results are stunning. It will help you on aspects like your Employer Branding, Employee engagement, Employees experience – the list is long.

We have interviewed over 2000 new hires and made them mark the 3 most important factors for them when they start a new job.

The SKI model for better employees - introDus

98% of all the new hires marked that Safety was one of the most important things when the started a new job. Formulated as: Feeling safe around colleagues, managers and environment.

86% of all the new hires marked that Knowledge was one of the most important things when the started a new job. Formulated as: To know the culture, products and understand the business.

84% of all new hires market that Integration was one of the most important things when the started a new job. Formulated as: Creating personal relationships, friends and feeling a part om something.

So how can we help our new employees to obtain this 3 touch points? With a formal Pre & Onboarding Process.

Safety: To create safety for a new hire you have to give them insight! Show them what is waiting for them, introduce them to their team, colleagues and so on. Give them insights into the first 14 days activity. This will accelerate the Employee Experience and all it takes is a Pre & Onboarding Process.

Knowledge: Why not tell the new hire about your culture before they come. If everyone is wearing ties, inform them! If everyone is wearing Bermuda shorts, tell the new colleague! Give them insight to the products, how much time do you think a person has been sitting with his family and been asked “What are you going to do?” and haven’t been able to answer? The answer: MANY!

Integration: It’s important for a new hire to feel as a part of something! To form and have relationships. Make sure to link up with colleagues, maybe meet them for a breakfast. Or imagine if 5 colleagues from the team made a video and greeted the new hire welcome and told a little about themselves. (This will take a little time, sure, but compared with the consequences if the new hires doesn’t feel he or she is fitting in, well, the ROI is easy to calculate)

So to round it all up! Make an effort to integrate your new hire. Remember these 3 things:

Safety, Knowledge & Integration = S.K.I.