You know how important it is to feel included in your workplace. To be included. To feel and be included you need to be integrated into your department and at the office. It’s a part of what makes us feel safe and wanted so that we can perform in the position we were hired to fulfil.

In recent years this process has been labelled Onboarding. A process that begins the first day you walk through the company’s door. The question is, though, who owns this process. Since it’s a matter of humans the responsibility is often allocated to the HR department, but an integration of new hires in departments or teams across the organisation is as much a local task that is strategic.

One thing is to actually help your new colleagues in your department or team to decrease time-to-performance and the amount of question the new guy has. But what if you’re in Marketing and want to do something that strengthens the company’s brand? I’m sure we could call it Human Capital, Social Responsibility, Social Workplace or any other term that are being used these days.

No matter what label we put on it or how we chose to define it, at well structured, efficient and qualitative onboarding process is surely something you as a marketer can use. But how?

Employer Branding A term or concept within Marketing, which is getting more and more popular – and for good reasons! Having a high-value brand wise in the eyes from outside the company can help in the talent acquisition. Especially these days, where social media like LinkedIn and Facebook, reviews sites Trustpilot and Glassdoor, not neglecting the other communication channels the newer part of the workforce is using.

Having something to show can be important. As people in today’s world, we’d like to be able to show our family and friends what we do and care for. This is true for our workplace too. When being interviewed for a job we go to video sites like Youtube and Vimeo to watch what the company does and what it stands for. If the content on the sites we use are really good or awfully bad we show it to our peers, family and friends.

So, as you might already have noticed is, that you as a marketer own part of the onboarding process. And so you should! If your company does not have a structured process for integration of new hires you should push for one. And then use it in a tactical way according to your branding strategy.

Using, for instance, a digital tool for onboarding you get to way in which content could be used. You can be sure that if the CEO records a welcome video that will be distributed to the new hire, this video will be talked about in the new colleague’s network. It will be shown to friends and family. Are you using digital learning systems too then do content according to your content marketing plan about this? Interviews with onboarded employees about the process, articles from an employee or HR perspective and loads of other ideas are now possible for you.

According to Deloitte’s Human Capital report from 2018 cross-projects at C-level is what strengthens larger corporations in this day and age. Therefore, are you, or do you have a CMO, then an employer branding project surely would benefit with the integration aspect too. Investing in the well-being and training of the new employees shows that they tend to perform stay longer at your company, performs better and you reduce the costs that naturally occurs when having a new colleague in the team.

Good Employer Branding leads to Employee Advocacy. A highly effective and organic way to market your own company through those you work with. And to be honest, don’t we all want ambassadors in our marketing campaigns?