In the process of a new hire, it typically takes the new employee 90 days to adjust to a new job, this according to Academy of Management Journal. This is Why the Onboarding process is important since this is the process where the new employee is introduced to the company culture, working processes and so on.

The HR department usually has the responsibility to facilitate these processes, but they have a great and powerful resource: The managers.

The Managers who have the have to work with and manage the new hire in the future. They know the up and downs in the department they manage. So not using this knowledge and experience for anything in the Onboarding process, would be a mistake.

Well the most important way of including them is to make them take the lead. Instead of putting a plan and a predetermined Onboarding plan and process in the hands of the managers and then expect them to comply to the rigid plan, then listen to them and include them in the process. Have a dialog about how their experiences with previous hires have worked out, make them formulate their needs and requirement of the new hire.

This process can already be started in the Preboarding process, by asking them how they believe the new employee has the most knowledge about the position before the first day.

But to have some measure of control from the HR and the leadership in the company, give the managers some outlines to help them formulate and perform the introductory process. An example from the real world of Google, the outlines they gave their managers were: • Have a role and responsibilities discussion. • Match your new hire with a peer buddy. • Help your new hire build a social network. • Set up Onboarding check-ins once a month for your new hire’s first six months. • Encourage open dialogue These outlines can change depending on your type of business and the size etc.

The short story of a successful Onboarding Process is a distancing from the classical idea an introductory period with instructions manuals and introductions. Chance it to a dialog-based process between the HR department, the Managers, and the new employee, they might know more about what a good Onboarding is, or they at least know what it means to them.