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We are not just any platform

Our mission is to help you create the best Pre and Onboarding process from the moment your new hire signs the contract, enabling them to learn about your organisation and stay updated on their future role and projects.

Why Pre & Onboarding is so important

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  • 25% leave within the first year
  • 20% quits within the first 45 days
  • 12 - 18 months to reach KPI
  • 64% experience no preboarding


  • 74% improved time-to-performance
  • 54% higher employee engagement
  • 25% increased retention rate
  • 69% improved employee lifetime

Easy API integration

Connect introDus to the systems and apps you use every day, via our open API.

✓  Official SAP partners

We are packed with fun and exciting features

Create an exciting learning experience through modulestimelines, surveys, quizzes and reward your new employee’s success with badges. Get to know your employee’s strengths and weaknesses with people analytic. Learning has never been


Employees in the platform

Timelines created

Hours spent on Preboarding

I highly recommend introDus if you wish to include e-learning into your Pre & Onboarding process.

First and foremost, Red Barnet Ungdom has chosen introDus due to its user-friendliness for the ones who are creating the Pre & Onboarding process, and the ones who are utilising it, as well as its visual design options. Through dialogue with introDus, it has been possible to accede to our wishes for the configuration and process while at the same time, being able to implement a digital platform in our already existing work processes.

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Let’s sum up the terms


It begins the moment your new hires sign their contract and runs until their first working day. It guarantees they feel welcomed and well informed from day one.

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Onboarding starts on your new hires first working day and goes until they are fully integrated into the company, their tasks and their following tasks during their time at the company.

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Create an ambassador for your company. Offboarding begins the day your hire wants to leave the company and it ends on their final working day.

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