Our customers say

At Wunderman Nordic, we are excited about partnering with introDus.

To us, effective onboarding is very important to keep our hires longer. introDus’ new onboarding platform helps us welcome and prepare new employees for day one, as well as inform and train them when they have started. The platform is a professional tool that’s easy to navigate – for both us and our employees – and we can’t wait to welcome our next hires with introDus. Wunderman – Head of Recruitment – Christina Pansbo

Montus Business Academy
I can highly recommend introDus

I choose to initiate a collaboration with introDus, since they from our perspective had an incredibly efficient platform, which was easy to use and very easy to learn and it had a quick start-up. The platform was delivered easily in interaction with our corporate identity, and we were already up and running with all our content within 3 hours of start-up. With introDus we have been able to pre- and onboard our course participants, this have radically minimised questions and have made sure, that all our course participants got a better start in their learning process. I can only recommend introDus and their platform. Montus Business Academy – CEO – Marie-Louise Sander

IntroDus is a very user friendly and pragmatic system

introDus is a very user friendly and pragmatic system. My staff were able to build content and modules almost instantaneously. We see potential use beyond Pre & Onboarding, including staff training and employee engagement. Business unit managers can use the platform to develop tailored training programs and tutorials and we can use the platform to effectively seek and react to feedback from employees. I am very confident introDus will be highly valuable to Goldbell. Goldbell – General Manager, Human Resources – Tan Su Ching

Young Consult
Nice and user-friendly service

I have had the pleasure of using introDus in connection with our onboarding process, where the feedback from our new employee has been very positive! There was a lot of help to receive from the introDus advisers, and an especially big thank you to Anders, who was there the whole way. The service can be highly recommended for both big and smaller companies like my own. Young Consult – Partner – Andreas von der Recke

Weathernews Europe
With the introDus platform, we have streamlined the introduction of new employees in the sales department

I do not have to spend time collecting material every time a new employee starts and at the same time I have an overview of what material has been read by the employee. Very efficient and saving me hours of work. Weathernews Europe – Executive Officer, Sales & Marketing – Thomas Skov

It only seemed natural to initiate a collaboration with the introDus

The platform is a strong addition to our company, in which we work with recruitment and competence advancement, which entails onboarding and retention of new employees and volunteers. introDus is included as an important tool from the beginning of the process, and we are very happy with the collaboration. Rådgivningshuset – Kommerciel chef – Christian Hjortshøj

House of Brands A/S
Previously the rate of error was about 75 procent and we spent 6-12 months on integrating coworkers into our business

With the platform from introDus, we successfully integrated 4 out of 5 coworkers in 1-2 months. We had a far better hit-rate from the beginning. The new coworkers knew their assignment when they showed up. It has benefitted our company so we don’t have to spend so much time on the training period. House of Brands A/S – CCO – Jesper Holm