Is Onboarding really necessary?

Did you know that 1 in 4 leave their job within the first year, and it typically takes 12 months before they are able to deliver what they were hired to do?


Upload content you have already created by using the uploader tool or the drag & drop option, which accompany the platform. Information such as your Code of Conduct, employee handbook or a company introduction video by the CEO, is worth sharing as part of the Onboarding process. You can also create introduction text and quizzes. All the content you create, and upload will be stored in your content library and is easily accessible to you.



Establish a timeline and create a schedule with dates and time slots specifying the process, which is about to begin for your employee. Send a text message and/or e-mail assigning the employee the timeline for the Preboarding & Onboarding process, securing a good and structured introduction for your new employee. If the time has come to end the working relationship, it is important to say goodbye in a good manner and finalize the Offboarding and Outplacement process in a structured way. You have the option to build default messages for your Preboarding, Onboarding or Offboarding or customize them from time to time.


Track the progress of your employee training & development for the benefit of the employees and the company. Ask survey questions and analyse the replies, with the purpose of increasing the Preboarding & Onboarding experience for all new employees. Use the data to improve the Preboarding & Onboarding experience for your employees.


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