Pre & Onboarding helps you boost your employee engagement & productivity

Become an Onboarding expert

Create Create timelines, tasks or surveys to enhance the learning for your new hires and existing employees.

Assign Assign timelines, tasks or surveys to individuals or groups of individuals to guide their learning process and ensure nothing is overlooked or forgotten.

Analyse Monitor and analyse progress to maximise the learning in a timely manner.

Enhance the learning process

Set your employees up for success from day one. Tailor-make the learning process to an individual or a group of individuals to improve their time-to-performance. From the day the contract is signed, provide all the necessary information and knowledge through a fun and media-rich learning journey designed with the particular role or roles in mind.

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Track your employee’s learning progress

Tracking your employee’s learning progress helps you identify strengths and weaknesses and enables you to tailor specific support, boosting confidence and overall value contribution to your organisation.

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Our mission in e-Boks is to create better digital societies.

This mission also applies to our employee’s experience. "Therefore, through the use of introDus, our new employees are now able to travel through e-boks in a sleek design and in a user-friendly universe from the moment the contract is signed until they are a fully integrated part of e-boks

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